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Granted, everything up to Cranston’s death was good, and everything after the HALO jump we see in the trailer was good, but everything in between was sleep-inducing.
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You know, she caused - she's the reason people break the third wall because she went straight to the audience and let them talk and let them say things
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They taste like a fruit costume, worn by an assassin.
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from the relentless bombardment in the northern Syrian village of Kfar Lata. I have realized that of all
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turned to plant 200 seedlings of coral on the concrete modules called Senyar , and the volunteers cleaned
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Psychiatric disabilities comprise a range of conditions characterized by emotional, cognitive, and/or behavioral dysfunction
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Wears ran over shoes, cuts his own hair and yells at Bill Gates for spending too much money on his crib
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Deliberation were rife with budget constraints to support the operation of an AHTEG and also Parties were divided on the need for an AHTEG for SEC.
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